Blast the Robot is a 5-year-old robotic dog and one of Protageau Acri's two servants that was made in the Jubilee Incorperated base/factory. He is based on a dog and TNT.


Creation and First Adventures

After he and Circuit were built, they immedietly started arguing with each other. They were considered "failed projects" and sent to Scrap Valley. Shortly after Maelstrom was created, they headed back to the old factory, only to find that it was (surprise!) abandoned. They used the abandoned factory as their house/home /whatever. That's when Protageau came out of Cryogenics. They helped him ajust until Protageau took control of Blast and Circut. Eventually, they became his henchmen.


Because of Protageau's instability and the obnoxiousness of the two robots, Protageau ended up shooting himself in the head. Circuit attended to his own work, while Blast started learning how to build things.

Sonic Riders



Blast's extreme gear is basically rockets on his feet. They have no name, but help him get around quickly.

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