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“About every night seems to be a new person sitting at that small desk in that odd looking room, and I always have to kill him. Is that really why I was created? I know the fact that I was created because I had to perform and entertain kids, but these many years it seemed like I had to just "play" with people that weren't kids.”

— Buddy in TheNightShift


Buddy is a bobcat animatronic that performs as a dancer at Buddy's Place for which is named after him. Buddy would normally just stay on stage and dance, but sometimes he would get off the stage and walk around with the kids.


  • Buddy used to be a Five Nights at Freddy fan character
  • Buddy used to be called "Buddy the C.A.T"
    • C.A.T standing for "Currently. A. Terroist." which is stupid.

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