With perfect blondre haire

"The bi-weekly vocabulary is assigned on Monday and due on Friday. Students must have their vocabulary book with them in class."

 -your mother.

A Story

One day, a weird fanfiction was written by a strange person. This person was particularly strange because they wore a santa hat on every holiday. It offended a lot of people, so the person had to stay inside all day. There was nothing to do inside their house except draw stupid pictures and write stupid fanfics. So they decided to mock modern day people and their stupidity.

But who is this mysterious person?

      Who knows! They are not very important. The main character here is actually a cat named.... um... Carlos Quipu! yes. A cat named Carlos. Carlos was green in color and his eyes were a deadly shade of... uh, grey? Anyway, Carlos loved fences. Every day, he would climb his neighbor's 15-foot privacy fence, as it was the tallest in the neighborhood. The neighbor had put up that fence for a reason. He hated people and had 12 pet hermit crabs. Who likes anyone who likes crabs? ewww...

      One day Carlos Quipu climed the fence and jumped into the neighbor's yard. It was very yellow, just like the ones around it. They were Yellow Yards or also Yellow Lawn Rings. Either one works. That's not important. Carlos saw the neighbor holding up blueprints and looking at the yard. Then he set down the plans and went back into the house. Carlos is curious, being a cat, so he took a look at the plans It turns out that the plans were for... a new fence. Carlos was disappointed. He went back to his own house and never came back.


      Now, wasn't that beautiful?

Them Song

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