The Creepy Rex Mask is a boo'ful mask it goes on your face and when you wear it, you.......................solve mydsteries and go  to 7elrbven

in foe

hitt week point fore masssiv damahg

how 2 obteen

at nite, talk to parachoot pantz mahn, he gv u the papper, go in the toilot hav nitemr, see giant black eggman angl iland wth tiny face, on top is undis poo he look liek dancing goast man, he giv u creepy rex mask, then yo face comes outj of hs and u teleport to clocktown wit final awars

how too yoose

goe wr it

solve meestaries, n, boxy turns to old grandpa

transfr to sonic advanter 2

wen u transfr to sonik aventchr too, al karactre hav the mask face, u get secrt missshen to defeet creepy gaint blak angel eyeland eggman wid tiny hed, ten u unlock soanik add venchur 3!!1! in joy ;)

grandap boxy

bokussusi trn old grndpa wen u usz mask, be wr

he den get lod an gv u cahos emrald

sperit of cahos

it iz sed dat creepy rex mask waz worn by the sperit of cahos man y ears ago,