creppy rex pumkin is a crepey ou mking dat com from ur fac

dent ur navel 100 tims in sucsmeon u win

concp n crato

kreepy recks pum kin is abdsed of old pumkg design frm long tim ago. when hte ancitns rul'd, na cavmne wlkded. it also swuish int2 grund n pases gmball mackihsn into ht flor lik vma, >_> <_<

oh deer


crpy rec oumkin liv in old farm, with dada reck pumkin (he wa shirtles btw,) n he tuk photos of hmself wit no shirt

als he nedded a beha

Ashes for the Wind

Everyone did his duty.

Juan, Carmen and the baby.


evry nit on hatlwoen, mah bday

creepy reckx pumpkin met up wit creepy reck mask end dey hav a party with all reh GHOULS. das include aslo skele an a.baa very funny sandwiches. den dey dance to SPOOKY SCARY SKELETONS ontil...

oldrg ranny blue boots coms in because YOU DIDN'T UNDERLINE THE FIRST LETTERS YOU OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and then a skeleton popped out


Market Panty® Frosted Bite-Size Shredded Wheat

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home entertainment

jerry eats a piece of cheese

ho ho ho tim allen

on xmas crepy rex mask gets asd becuz no 1 lov him he cri :'(

evn lustrois anm,


mr gretchen

tremblay'ing fried rice,

and the baby.