This is an alphabetical list of words which are used as slang and/or have alternately used meanings. 

This page is to be edited as needed.


  1. Bit.Snort.Yum /biht-dot-snorht-dot-yuhm/ Interjection: Although it has no real alternate meaning, Bit.snort.yum is generally used after a series of question marks (such as: ??? ???? ?? ???) to describe and mock the actions of advertising bots on websites like Deviantart and Youtube.


  1. Booby /booh-bee/ adjective: Placed before a noun or phrase, this sentence modifier describes a picture with unnessecary female sexualization, I.E.: enlarged breasts, etc. EX: "What's with the booby Toriel in the more from dA section?"


  1. Impeccable /im-pehc-a-behl/ adjective: Something that is considered hilarious in every way. EX: "OKAY THAT'S IMPECCABLE I CANNOT"


  1. Snort /snorht/ noun: In  this context, the word "snort" is used to describe a person who is behaving poorly or in a strange manner. EX: "Jimmy was being such a snort today!"; "You creepy snort!" plur. '"snorts"
  2. Snort /snorht/ adjective: this adjective is used to describe any thing or situation that is considered either weird, creepy, or carrying a general negative connotation. EX: "That is snorty."; "We're going to the snort school play tomorrow." var. "snorty"



  1. Twerk /twerhk/ verb: To move about randomly or in a weird manner. Also used to describe a thing that doesn't do as expected yet. EX: "Mini moms twerking in the corner."; "Okay, I think it twerked."
  2. Twerk /twerhk/ verb: To literally twerk. EX: "Mwah twerks in the band room."


  1. Yum /yuhm/ interjection: "Yum" is commonly used as a reaction, mostly in a negative way. EX: "That's yummy."; "Yum." var. "yummy"


  1. Hover /hoh-ver/ verb: Walking around. EX: "Will the snort stop hovering please?"

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