Book 1

Trevor "Doom" Buck Huntley runs away from his hometown, Sunshine Hills, since he's angry at his mom for taking away his cellphone. He runs to Magnificentopolis, because it's "more swag than Sunshine Hills". Meanwhile, Little Grey, Ondelez and the rest of their family are taking a holiday in Magnificentopolis. Doom's face appears on a giant TV in the middle of the city declaring that he's taking over. Little Grey has a hammer, which he accidentaly throws, and since Doom's obnoxious square tooth is a magnet for hammers it flies in his face and knocks out his tooth. Ondelez and Little Grey run off because of this, and find help along the way.


(In order of appearance, some characters have larger roles than others)

  • Trevor "Doom" Buck Huntley
  • Rex the Dog
  • Mrs. Huntley
  • Little Grey
  • Ondelez
  • Skylon the Unlucky Fox
  • Pumpkins the Magical Flying Dog
  • Maximillian
  • Sleepy
  • Sixteen the Magical Flying Dog
  • Grapes the Magical Flying Dog

Doom's Day

Book 1

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