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— Duke the Dhole

Duke the Dhole is a fictional, anthropomorphic dhole that first appeared as a replacement for "Owen the Dog" (later known as Owen the Border Collie) in Lippies V.3. Duke has switched between being an original character and a Sonic fan character in the past, but as he will be making a return in Lippies 2016, he will again be considered an original character. It has been decided that the Owen character will remain in his true form and won't later appear as again as an anthro character. The characters within the Lippies series, Owen the Border Collie and Duke the Dhole, are considered somewhat interchangeable.

Concept and Creation

Technically, Duke was the first Sonic fan character created by Nyro Fletcher, as he and Owen the Dog were technically the same character. Owen made his first appearance as a fan character in Lippies V.1, however he was merely just a Sonic version of a pre-existing OC. To avoid confusion, Owen was later changed to Duke the Dhole for Lippies V.3. Duke switched between being an original character and being a fan character. At some point, Duke was going to stay as a fan character and Owen was to be used for original comics, however, due to the creator's definite disinterest in Sonic the Hedgehog and scrapping of the anthro version of Owen, Duke will make a comeback in Lippies 2016.


Lippies V.3

Lippies V.3 was the first version of Lippies Duke made an appearance in, replacing former character Owen the Dog as an antagonist. However, Duke's role began to differ from Owen's role in the previous Lippies V.2 - Duke began to feel extreme guilt for Knuckles and Tails and all the harm he was helping Julie-Su cause on them. Lippies V.3 had the most impact on Duke's character, resulting in the character he is today.

Lippies V.5

Duke was meant to have a similar role in Lippies V.5 as he did in V.3, however his appearances were rather brief and gave little explanation to his character and purpose. The version was cancelled before any characterization for Duke could broaden.


Duke is quiet, but not necessarily a loner. He prefers to work independently or with someone he can trust. He is a bit paranoid, mainly of the number nine, although none of the other characters really seem to understand why that is. He is more caring for others than he may appear to be, and dislikes seeing anyone in pain or upset.




  • Duke has the most convoluted concept and creation story out of possibly all characters created by Nyro.
  • Duke (including the anthro Owen version) has gone through the most personality changes, as they can be seen to be drastically different especially between the first few versions of Lippies.
  • Duke's fear of the number nine, or more specifically, the ninth book of a series, is a reference to the ninth book of Lippies V.3, where he had to witness some horrific things.
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