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“Have fun!”

— Fangs the Coyote, from Lippies V.2

Fangs the Coyote is a fictional, anthropomorphic brown coyote, and while not part of the very first Lippies crew concept, he did make his debut in the first version of Lippies, in book 3. While Fangs has been neglected for quite some time, since the cancellation of Lippies V.5, he will be making a return in a new story, connected to Lippies 2016, but under a different title.


Fangs is a light brown coyote with a sand-coloured underbelly and markings. His eyes are a golden-yellow colour, and his nose and paw pads are dark brown. His most notable feature are his long crooked fangs, which stick out from under his flew. He also likes to wear green toeless sneakers, and a chain necklace holding a shark tooth.


Fangs is somewhat hyper and purposely likes to annoy others. He is well known for saying very cliché or otherwise overused lines, such as "That's for me to know and for you to FIND OUT!" (Lippies V.2, Book 4). He loves spying on others and seeing what others are up to. Despite the fact that he can be annoying and his appearance, Fangs does not have the heart to hurt anyone. Seeing others upset upsets him as well. This is especially evident in Lippies V.3 when he sees Knuckles asleep by the headquarters, or when Tails starts crying. (Yum). In V.3, he eventually runs away, Tails being the last one to see him.



Other than in Lippies V.1, not much of Fangs' backstory is known. In V.1, Fangs may have stated that he disliked his parents, though it was known by the author that his parents still worked as soldiers for Sonic. It was planned that he would encounter them again later on. In later versions, Fangs is not as much of an important character, therefore his backstory is not explored much. All that can be inferred is that he was taken in by Julie-Su/Jenny (versions 2, 3 and 5).


  • Fangs was not originally intended to be an important character, but just one of Sonic's pawns used to press the "self-destruct" button in V.1. However he was kept since the author liked his design.
  • In V.1 when he introduces himself, he makes the joke that his name is "Ears" since the other characters (Knuckles, Tails and Paws) are named after random body parts. Though he kind of contradicts himself since his name is Fangs, which is still a plural body part.
  • While Fangs has been the age of 18 for the first three versions he appeared in, he was going to be 14 years of age in Lippies V.4. Although V.4 did not continue on long enough for him to make an appearance, this carried over to Lippies V.5. His age has now been changed back to 18.

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