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Finley the Fox is a fictional, anthropomorphic golden-coloured red fox. Not much is known about him at the moment since this is UNDER WRAPS™.

Before you get your panties in a twist™, this isn’t Lippies V.8 or any snort, Lippies 2016 is still a thing. You’ll see later. (You might think it’s another version of Lippies because of the relationships). Okay hint: Paws appears in three different things that are all connected to each other ;) ).


Finley is a golden-yellow and white red fox. He resembles more a domesticated red fox than a wild red fox, due to the fact that he has more white markings, and lighter-coloured fur. He has aqua green eyes, a light brown nose, and pink paw pads. He wears a goggle snort, a blue scarf, a belt and a backpack.


The story hasn’t been started yet so I’ll fill out more info on this when I can.


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