Five Nights at Worst Chicken is a fangame based off Five Nights at Freddy's, originally created by Scott Cawthon. The game instead takes place at a restaurant named Worst Chicken. The goal in the game is pretty much identical to the original - survive five nights by not allowing any of the animatronics into your office.

The game was meant to replace an older, bad fangame, and had been first released April 25th 2015 on GameJolt. FNaWC was the first game by RedLeopardGames made using Clickteam Fusion 2.5. While the game may have been somewhat considered somewhat of a remake, it really has little to no connection with the first unmentionable fangame, other than a couple of the same animatronics appearing - Rex, Wesley and Time.

This game will not be used commercially or for any profit.


You are hired to work as a security guard at Worst Chicken, a restaurant which had been closed down for some years do to poor maintenance. The building was finally bought by a new company, Cinnamon Roll Head Entertainment, and you have to ensure the safety of the building and animatronics for the reopening.

The player must make sure none of the animatronics attack them using different strategies, including the Rex mask, the Mwah Spook, the flashlight, and the music.

Characters and animatronics

Main animatronics

  • Rex Huntley
  • Sleepy the Tabby
  • Braxton the Ferret
  • Cuddles the Cat (and The Frame)
  • Wesley the Wolf
  • Little Grey
  • Ondelez
  • Time the Weasel

Minor animatronics

  • Broccoli
  • Octo

Human characters

  • Phone guy
  • Mr. Tremblay, the night guard. Wait what?


  • This is the third version of "Nine Nights at Mwah's".
  • The game was changed due to it being offensive to some users, and the developer was being a snort anyway.
  • Wesley is the only animatronic who has stayed through all three versions, while Rex has stayed since the second version.
  • The acronym "FNaWC" could also stand for Five Nights at Warren Cook's.

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