Hariakima Buchmesse is a fictional orange anthropomorphic creature who is also the main protagonist of the Cow Cream Chronicles.


Despite being the main protagonist, not much is known about him before book 1. What is known is fuzzy and even a bit illogical. In Book 1, he was known to be married with more than one child. But in the end the wife leaves him because she was cheating on him with "another guy." All of his kids run away and get hit by a car, spurring him to fight the Cow Cream Corperation with stupid determination.

There is a rumor going around that more of his backstory will be revealed in the Anime.





  • Hariakima's last name was made because of Staticcat and Trailblaze842's obsession with the German word for "Book fair," which is Buchmesse; while his first name (a pun on the Pokemon Hariyama) was made up by a student from Extended Day. Possibly, this is because Hariakima looks a little bit like the pre-evolution of Hariyama, Makuhita.
  • Originally, Hariakima was going to be either genderless or a hemaphrodite.
  • His coloring was going to look like this , but was soon scrapped because everyone "thought he was orange/yellow"
  • Hariakima was originally never going to be in a comic.