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— Hyper

This page is about the character Hyper. Not the person that goes by that name.


Hyper was just a little pup when their foster parents were murdered by X. Hyper was left out into the forest by themselves until they were found by Dr. Socks which did experiments on Hyper until, finally, they were adopted by Zara Wolfthal.


Hyper is a laid back person, but rushes with a lot of things. They don't give a care in the world unless they have to do something; then it's game on.

Hyper is a very irritable person. You can annoy them with almost anything. What makes them really mad though is messing with King. They are like a big brother to King, besides the fact that they are the same age, so, if you mess with King, Hyper will straight up punch you which makes Hyper get a lot of detention. Hyper thinks that they are tough, but they know deep down, they are truly are not.

Hyper is also supportive with everything. If you are different or you want to do something (including murder) they'll support you.


  • The first "concept" of Hyper was a white Sabertoothed Tiger that wore a cape and carried a hammer. It's name was "Hyper Schizo". Which is stupid because I thought Schizo was pronounced "Shy-zo" and thought it was just another name for "crazy" because OH EDGY.
  • Hyper's blood is pitch black.
  • Hyper's pupils "dissapear" when certain emotions occur
    • Examples : Excitment, depressed, EXTREMELY angry
  • Hyper can breath fire when EXTREMELY angry.
  • Hyper is User:HyporionForDays's fursona.

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