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— Jeremy the Skunk

Jeremy the Skunk is a fictional, anthropomorphic striped skunk that has existed as a minor characters throughout every version of Lippies, excluding V.4. Every version he has made an appearance in, he has had the same role. His first appearance is always in the first book, when Nyro and Tito (or, Knuckles and Tails in earlier versions) visit the shopping area (depending on which version) they happen to encounter Strider (or Sonic) selling his Kissy Lips Cereal. When one of the characters is examining the box of cereal, Jeremy happens to show up, excited about the new brand. In all versions except for V.1, Jeremy does not make a return later on in the story. In V.1 however, he does happen to return, and rescues Knuckles from his possessed friends.

Concept and Creation

Jeremy inspiration

The image that inspired Jeremy's creation.

Jeremy's creation was slightly inspired by the character Geoffrey St. John from the Sonic Archie comics. While at the time the creator, Nyro Fletcher, did not actually know anything about the character himself, the idea of making a skunk character for the original Lippies came from an image of a Sonic comic subscription form in a regular Archie comic book, with an image of Geoffrey and Sonic on the cover of a comic book shown.

At some point during the writing of Lippies V.1, it was considered that Jeremy was a descendant of Geoffrey despite not knowing anything about him, however this was never mentioned in V.1 and the idea was later scrapped.


"You tried to kill Sonic! You should go to jail." - Jeremy in both V.1 and V.2, when he first encounters Knuckles.

"I WISH I HAD LIPPIES!!!" - Every version of Lippies in which he makes an appearance, with some slight variations in delivery.


  • Jeremy in the past has been considered either British or Australian because of the way he always says "mum" in every version. He is now officially considered Australian, despite the fact that skunks are not native to Australia.
    • It's thought that an earlier generation of his family probably moved to the Australian alternative in the Lippies world, then later moved back to Merb (North America).
  • Lippies V.1 is the only version of Lippies where Jeremy returns in a later book.
    • He returns in Book 2, when Owen, Paws and Tails are chasing after him since they had been possessed by Amy with the "Lippies disease". Jeremy suddenly appears out of nowhere and sprays them in Knuckles' defence, despite stating how he hated him in the first book.
  • Jeremy's name has never actually been mentioned in any version of Lippies so far. It may finally be mentioned in Lippies 2016.

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