Kaiyo the Mink (pronounced kigh-oh) is a fictional, anthropomorphic silver and brown mink, similar to her brother Tito the Mink. While Tito is intelligent and highly-skilled in mathematics, Kaiyo is nearly as intelligent with subjects relating to nature and survival. Often if not Tito, Kaiyo is the peacekeeper of the group, as she dislikes anyone getting into arguments. She especially dislikes it when Tito gets upset, and along with Kniro she looks after him.

Kaiyo did not appear much in Lippies V.5 and did not have much character development at the time. In future stories however, she will appear more often.


Lippies V.5

Kaiyo the Mink first appeared in Lippies V.5 when Kniro the Amur Leopard woke up, locked up in Jenny's Dungeon. After Jenny the Amur Leopard left, Nyro saw Kaiyo, thinking she was Tito. But when Kaiyo turned around, Nyro knew who she was despite never meeting her before, since he knew her and Tito's parents, Jett the Mink and Ivory the Mink. After Nyro breaks free from the chains, he frees Kaiyo as well. They manage to escape along with Tito who was upstairs. Tito, not knowing he had an older sister, becomes very confused as to how Nyro knew about this. Later Tito eventually gets angry at Kniro for not telling him about his family, and leaves with Kaiyo.

While Kaiyo and the others are stuck at Boom Town Hospital, while the others only have bandages on their arms, Kaiyo ends up completely wrapped in bandages, resembling a mummy. This is a parody of the upcoming TV series and video game, Sonic Boom, which the creator of Lippies had a grudge against.


Lippies V.5

When Kyo was two and Tito was only a baby, they had been taken away from their parents by Dr. Lee Thompson, and evil sheep dermatologist who had done multiple experiments on different characters. Because of these experiments, Tito was given the ability to use aerokinesis. Kyo was given a special ability as well, although it is not yet known what her special ability is.

When Dr. Lee thompson abandoned Kyo and Tito after he did not need them any longer, Tito was found by Strider the Lynx, while Kyo instead ended up in an orphanage. She lived at the orphanage for most of her life, until she eventually escaped. She was caught by Jenny the Amur Leopard unluckily, who locked her up in the basement of her dungeon because of her resemblance to Tito, who Jenny hated. Kyo was stuck in the dungeon until she was finally freed by Kniro.

Lippies V.6

Kyo's history in Lippies V.6 is quite different compared to Lippies V.5. Instead of being an orphan, she had a normal childhood with her family - her brother Tito, and their parents. However, shortly before the beginning of Lippies V.6, Kyo, Jett and Ivory go mysteriously missing, leaving only Tito and his friend Kniro at the house alone.


Similar to her brother, Kyo is friendly and willing to help others. However she is less naive, thus does not believe others as easily as Tito would. She likes to look at things from different sides, and is open-minded to different ideas or solutions, especially if the current one is not very good. She does not seem to like it when others get angry, as she tells Tito to calm down when he gets frustrated about the snow in the middle of May. If she believes someone is following the wrong path, she'll try to guide them in a different one, especially with Tito.


Tito the Mink

Lippies V.5

As Kyo and Tito were taken away from their parents and separated when she was two and Tito was a baby, Kyo had not remembered having a younger brother or her parents. Later since Kyo was at an orphanage and Tito was found by Strider, they had never met until many years later when Tito was twelve and Kyo was fourteen. Even though they had not really known each other for so long, Kyo and Tito still end up having a close relationship. As Tito is younger and more naive than Kyo, often Kyo has to guide Tito if he ends up following the wrong path.

Future Stories

Kyo and Tito will have a similar relationship, however they were never split-up as children.


Lippies V.5

"Hey, how do you know my name?!" - when Kniro yells Kyo's name upon realising she wasn't Tito.

" brother? Huh? I don't...or...I don't know..." - when Kniro mentions her brother Tito.

"Well, I kinda lived at an orphanage most of my life, since I didn't have parents...but eventually I escaped, and then this Jenny person locked me up here for no reason..." - when Kniro asks why she was locked-up in the cell.

"TITO! Watch out!" - right when Tito walks into Dr. Lewie.

"Calm down, Tito!" - when Tito gets angry about how it's snowing in May.

"I don't think I believe you..." - when Slate the Raccoon tells her and Tito that it was Kniro's fault their parents were dead.



  • Like Tito, Kyo was adopted from the user Staticcat. There was originally no info on personality, backstory, etc.

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