Lippies may refer to:


  • Lippies V.1, a Sonic the Hedgehog fancomic originally written as a joke, in which the physical copy most likely no longer exists and no digital copy has been recorded. This version made it up to the eighth book before cancellation.
  • Lippies V.2, the second version of the original Lippies. It is one of the only versions to still have a definite existing physical copy.
  • Lippies V.3, the third and most infamous version of the original Lippies. Lippies V.3 is the only completed version of Lippies since Lv2.
  • Lippies V.4, the fourth version of the original Lippies. Only one and a half books ever existed and the physical copy was destroyed. No digital copies were ever made. Only the cover of the first book still exists, and a scrapped page with only three panels.
  • Lippies V.5, the fifth version of the original Lippies. This was the first version of Lippies that was not based on the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, and introduced a whole new cast of characters, mainly Kniro and Tito, replacing Knuckles and Tails. Similar to Lv1, this version made it up to the eigth book before cancellation. It is the only other version of Lippies, other than Lv2, to still have an existing physical copy. It was originally to be named "Little Lips".
  • Lippies V.6, the sixth version of the original Lippies. While this version was the most promising, it unfortunately was cancelled at the end of the fourth book. Lippies V.6 is currently the last version of Lippies, and a physical copy no longer exists.
  • Lippies 2016, the seventh and final version of the original Lippies. This version is most similar to the previous, and is currently in draft writing stage.


  • Lippies Association, an evil association which mass produces the "Lippies" products, including Kissy Lips Cereal. It is present in all versions of Lippies, however, it varies from version to version. In older versions the team includes Sonic as the leader and Amy Rose as one of the members, in newer versions, Strider replaces Sonic and Alicia replaces Amy. L.A., as it is commonly abbreviated to, will also exist in the newer Theta the Otter series.

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