This article refers to the sixth version of Lippies. For other uses, see Lippies (disambiguation).

Lippies V.6 is a cancelled version of Lippies. It is a direct remake of Lippies V.3, as it is much more similar to V.3 than Lippies V.5 is. Of course, the violence and maturity of V.6 is toned down and certain parts even removed. As the story progresses, Lippies V.6 begins to differ a lot more from V.3.

At time of cancellation, six(?) books were complete. A physical copy of this version no longer exists. However, Lippies 2016, the latest remake of Lippies, is a direct remake of V.6, with controversial parts being removed.


Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Book 4

Book 5

Book 6

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