Nebski is a troll who lives on an island in one of the tropical oceans of Contearce. He is six solar sweeps old. He is a rather indgenuitive troll, being quite handy with his limited resources. He's often found tinkering with some nonsensical or frivolous invention of his. He is in a Matespritship with a Seadweller named Molloy Aqiras who lives in a reef by his island and formerly a Moirailigence with Elixes Zephix.

Nebski and his lusus, whom he refers to as "Batdad", have a rather unusual relationship with each other; Batdad is normally the one who must be protected and cared for while Nebski maintains their hive and maintains a steady income by selling and repairing machines for other trolls in order to buy necessities.


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