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Neko the Fox is a fictional, anthropomorphic green fox and Ondelez's best friend. He also needs to be developed a lot more.

Concept and creation

Original foxy

Image of a plush fox that was the same plush "Foxy" was based off.

Neko's original character was an orange fox named Foxy, based off a small Russ Berrie (now known as Kid Brands) plush fox. The plush was one of the first, if not the of the main characters to have gone missing without explanation, and has never gotten a proper replacement. The character Foxy occassionally made appearances in the original canon, though the main one remembered by the creator was the one where he was being hunted by a blood hound wearing clothes and a hat. Foxy never again appeared after the original canon, until the the early reboot designs of 2011. This is most likely due to the plush being lost at an early age.

Foxy photo

The replacement for the original Foxy, however this plush is much different than the original.

In the earliest times, Foxy always mentioned a bear plush that had been at the same store as him, however the bear was never made into an actual character. The bear was described as a bully; he picked on Foxy a lot.

During the early reboot designs, Foxy was finally brought back and was renamed "Cooper". The character shared nearly the same design as Foxy, however he was first drawn with a white stomach until later the creator realized that his stomach fur was never white. The character was set to be Ondelez's friend, but he did not have a lot of character development and was basically a rip-off of Tails.

In 2015, the Cooper character was finally replaced with a new design and name - Neko. Neko's design was adopted, initially a stolen design however the creator let Nyro use it. Since the design only showed the head, Nyro designed the rest of Neko's body. The Neko design was actually bought in 2012, but was not used until it replaced Cooper's design.


  • The Foxy plush was bought at the same store Sleepy's plush was bought at; a first nations owned gas station.
  • The part with Foxy and the bear shares an unintentional resemblance to the Five Nights at Freddy's series. Of course it wasn't intentional since it happened over ten years before FNaF was ever conceived.

Main Gallery

Older designs

Worst Chicken

Five Nights at Worst Chicken: Remastered


Drawn by others

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