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Cquote1 Don't worry, Tito. I won't let anything bad happen to you ... Cquote2
Nyro from Lippies V.6. [Author]

Nyro the Leopard (pronounced NIGH-ro), formerly known as Kniro the Amur Leopard, is a fictional, anthropomorphic red cybernetic Amur leopard and the main character of user Nyro Fletcher (also known as TJ-Otter on deviantART). Nyro is the leader of his team of friends, Tito the Mink and Paws the Wolf. They work together mainly against Lippies Association, who seem to be after all three of them, specifically Nyro.

Originally, Nyro was the main protagonist of an older series titled Lippies. He was made to replace Knuckles the Echidna from earlier versions, therefore Nyro's first appearance was not until Lippies V.5. While now Nyro will make an appearance in the new series, Theta the Otter, there may be a prequel to it based off Lippies V.6.

Concept and Creation

Nyro was originally created as a replacement for Knuckles in earlier versions of Lippies, known as Kniro the Amur Leopard. He was meant to be heavily based off the creator's old headcanon for Knuckles, therefore had the same personality and a similar backstory. Nyro's base design was similar, though his metal bracers were metallic red and he had clunky metal spiked gloves as an alternative to Knuckles' spiked fists.
Kniro the Amur Leopard

Nyro's very first official design.

Similar to his leg bracers, they were permanently attached to his arms. This design was used in Lippies V.5, but was changed for V.6. Nyro's leg bracers became silver in colour with glowing aqua green parts, and the front end of his right paw became visible. His backstory was also modified a bit. Other designs were made as concepts for his current design as well, including the infamous pants design.

Nyro's design now is similar to his previous, but now his right eye is cybernetic and his metal claws are removable, only to be used when necessary.



Nyro was stolen from his parents as a cub by Dr. Lee Thompson, along with a female jaguar cub. They were both neglected and the night they were stolen, they were left outside. They ended up out on the road in the dark. Since it was raining, a vehicle began hydroplaning and ended up hitting them. Nyro fell over to the other side of the road. The driver happened to be Jeanie, Dr. Lee Thompson's wife. She took in the jaguar cub, but didn't notice Nyro.

Meanwhile, Jett the Mink was driving home and he thought he saw something red and spotted on the side of the road. He figured it was just roadkill, but backed up anyway. He found out it was a barely alive Amur leopard cub, whose legs had been severely injured, as well as his right eye. Jett took him in, and nursed him back to health. Nyro's parents were never found, and Jett and his wife Ivory became his guardian parents, in which Jett was the one who named him Nyro. Later, Jett and Ivory had two kids, Kaiyo and then Tito. Nyro and Tito became practically inseparable. Nyro also got his current bracers when he was older which were made by Jett.


Lippies V.5

"I don't know what has happened to you, but can you PLEASE leave us alone!" - when Strider bothers Nyro (Kniro in this version) right before the clown parade.

"Wait a was YOU from last night!" - when Nyro first meets Paws, accusing Paws of throwing plywood at him the other night.

"Do you really think I would believe that?! Wow...I'm not that stupid..." - after Paws suggests to Nyro that it was his "twin brother Claws" who threw plywood at him.

"Whatever, Tito...I'm going back can trust this wolf if you want... You're so naive..." - Nyro frustrated at Tito for trusting Paws.

"We're going back home! You're not going to a fair where they destroyed my old home with that liar of a wolf!" - when Nyro catches Tito at the Taters Scooter Race Park carnival.

"Put Tito down, Raven Way!" - Nyro yelling at Mwah the Raven, referring to the infamous fanfiction "My Immortal".

"THANKS FOR DESTROYING MY HOME, JERK!" - Nyro accusing Skylon of destroying Clover Falls since Skylon used to be apart of Taters.

"Wait a second...did Skylon betray me?! I really CAN'T trust anyone, can I?!" - Nyro thinking Skylon betrayed him.

''But at this point, I don't think anything's really gonna matter anymore..." - OH GOD LIPPIES V.3!!!! (This quote is repeated multiple times in Lippies V.3, I only just realised this way after writing this part because I actually forced myself to read it again...WHY

"Oookay...I think I know why you're here!" - when Slate is interrogating Nyro at the jail cell.

"YEAH RIGHT! Why would I believe you?! You tried to kill me, and all of this is YOUR fault! I'M FINDING TITO!" - when Paws tells Nyro to not go into the forest because he could get killed.

"Don't worry, Tito...everything should be okay now...I want to go home, too... You just have to promise to NEVER bring this up again, okay? NEVER AGAIN! Just forget it all happened!" - Nyro during his flashback.

"It's like the shackles I had in that creepy dream... I hope I don't end-up looking like that..." - when Nyro wakes up chained in a room, and thinks back to the creepy dream he had earlier wear he was mutated and wearing shackles (a reference to earlier versions of Lippies, most notably V.3).

"But you tried to kill Tito! You threw him down that icy cliff-glacier thing that was falling apart..." - when Jenny accuses him of trying to kill her.

"Leave me alone, you creepy stalker!" - when Jenny tries to stop Nyro from escaping the dungeon.

Lippies V.6

"Don't worry, Tito. I won't let anything bad happen to you..." - after Nyro (again, Kniro in this version) and Tito return home after their first encounter with Strider.

"It's that creepy lynx! He brainwashed everyone into thinking I'm evil! Like I didn't ever do anything and I don't even know him! And now he's trying to kill all the leopards!" - Nyro explaining to Tito what he overheard the night before.

"What, a perfect stranger?! How could I trust someone I don't even know, especially with all the other weird stuff happening and people wanting me dead for no reason?!" - when Tito wants Nyro to trust Paws.

"WHY WON'T YOU LEAVE ME ALONE?!" - Nyro getting fed-up with Strider.

"Uuuhhh...yeahhh I think it's time I go now!!!" - when Moussy creeps out Nyro.


  • Nyro's metal leg bracers from his first design were based off Knuckles's shoes.
  • Nyro was originally going to be an Almiqui, however this was changed to an Amur leopard instead. Tenrecs were also in the question, however were possibly too similar to echidnas.
    • Technically, Nyro's first-ever design was a black and red dog named Kniro (the original spelling of Nyro's name), the first concept character to replace Knuckles in a Lippies-like story, which was made before Lippies V.3 was even finished.
  • Nyro's V.5 design was often mistaken as a cheetah.
  • Nyro's name spelling was changed from "Kniro" due to many mispronunciations. His name was often mispronounced as "NEE-ro" (and still sometimes is), though other times the silent K was also pronounced.
    • A character was created based off the mispronunciation of Nyro's name and others mistaking him as a cheetah. This character is named Nero the Cheetah.
  • Some of Nyro's cybernetic parts from his newest design were based off Jenny's older design.

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