Talk2 This character is owned by Nyro Fletcher.

Owen is a fictional tricoloured Border Collie character created by Nyro Fletcher who is based off a real-life dog. His first appearance was in a story called The Story of Tuffers, which was written in 2007. The original "series" Owen took part in had a different cast of characters, while the later "series" had different characters, including some based off other real-life dogs Owen lived with. In the later series, Owen was known to save other dogs and people from bad situations, generally involving human villains. Owen's greatest nemesis, or nemeses, were the Wilson brothers, though now it is mainly John, the leader of the group, who has a disliking for dogs.

Owen will probably make a comeback in the future in a new novel-like story, more based on the later series rather than the original series.


  • Owen was used as a character in some versions of Lippies, including V.1, V.2 and V.6. However, this version of Owen was quite a lot different from the regular version, and is no longer being used as to not create anymore confusion.

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