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Paws the Wolf [Author]

Paws the Wolf is a fictional, anthropomorphic silver wolf and a reoccuring character in Lippies since V.1. Because his debut was in V.1, he was originally created as a Sonic fan character, until he was later redesigned as an original character for Lippies V.5.

In all versions of Lippies after V.1, Paws was introduced as an antagonist that later sided with the protagonists. This will again be so in an upcoming remake of Lippies V.6, which will be a prologue to the Theta the Otter series.

Concept and Creation

Old picture of Paws

Paws's original design from Lippies V.1.

Paws was created during the same time Lippies was first created. Thus he was originally created as a Sonic fan character. He was one of the protagonists against Sonic and his new Lippies appeal. The reason for having paws unlike the other characters was to fit the theme of most Sonic characters - being named after their "deformity" (such as Tails or Knuckles).

Paws was meant to be more of a fighting character. He always had a bit of a rivalry with Knuckles. Paws was created along with Owen the Dog (Owen the Border Collie), Oinks the Pig, Mwah the Raven, Moussy the Dog (Moussy the Mastiff) and Spike the Porcupine.

IMG 3893

Paws's style update before the final redesign.

Later for Lippies V.5, Paws was redesigned into an original character. At first, his updated design was much like his older design except drawn in a different style. Right before his appearance in Lippies, however, his design was updated more - blue was added to his colour scheme, and he wore dark grey wrist bands with turquoise stripes. This design has been kept since, with some tweaks.


Lippies V.5

Along with Tito the Mink, Kyo the Mink and Strider the Lynx, Paws was taken at a young age from his parents by an evil dermatologist sheep named Dr. Lee Thompson. When he was later abandoned, unlike the other three Paws was lucky enough to be found by his parents. Since the experimenting done by Dr. Lee Thompson lead to his hands looking more like paws and giving him great strength, he grew up with the nickname "Paws".

When Paws was fifteen, there was a news outbreak about a lynx who was running rampant with a gun. Paws's parents decided they had to leave the town quickly before the lynx could break into their house and kill them. While running down the streets in an attempt to escape, Paws got lost in the mob and ran to the back of an alley. There he met an Amur leopard who trapped him. Paws thought he saw his parents dead nearby, but was never exactly sure. He is suspicious that the Amur leopard, Jenny, had killed them.

Ever since the incident, Paws was held captive as one of Jenny's spies and lived at her dungeon-like place on Thorn Hill, distant from the town. To keep himself safe from Jenny, Paws bent the truth about what had happened during the incident. He instead explains to others that Strider had shot his parents and that Paws himself had ran off into the wilderness, when Jenny found him and helped him. Secretly, Paws hates Jenny, but he does not let her know this so she does not have the urge to kill him. Thus why he agrees to help her. Paws became somewhat distant friends with Jenny's two other spies, a younger coyote named Fangs and her paranoid second-in-command, Duke the Dhole.

Lippies V.6

Paws' history for V.6 is still unknown.

Appearances in Lippies

Paws had somewhat similar roles in the older fancomic versions of Lippies.

Lippies V.1

Paws was one of the main characters in the original Lippies, Lippies V.1. He was in a group along with Owen the Dog (now known as Duke the Dhole), Oinks the Pig, Knuckles the Echidna, Miles "Tails" Prower and later Fangs the Coyote.

Lippies V.2

Paws became an antagonist in the remake of Lippies V.1. He worked for the main antagonist, Julie-Su, and pretending to be Tails's friend. Later he betrayed Julie-Su by setting Tails free.

Lippies V.3

Paws's role was mainly the same as in Lippies V.2.
Paws the Wolf - Lippies V.3

Paws the Wolf from Lippies V.3

Lippies V.4

Paws's role was similar in V.4 to V.3 and V.2, however instead he spied on Knuckles and Tails and THOUGHT Knuckles was a pedophile or some terrible stupid thing I don't know ALL FANCOMIC VERSIONS OF LIPPIES SUCK

Lippies V.5

Paws's role in Lippies V.5 is very similar to that in Lippies V.3 and V.2. However, he begins to change sides earlier on in the story, but due to his lying earlier, no one trusts him, thus when he tries to protect the other characters from what he had lead them into, none of them believed him and fell into the trap anyway. For instance, unlike V.3 and V.2, Paws warns Tito before leading him into Jenny's trap. In V.2/V.3, Paws frees Tails after he had lead him into Julie-Su's trap. Later when Kniro is separated from Tito, Kniro has to work together with Paws, who were initially enemies.


Paws is known to be quieter and usually angry to an extent. He does not like many other people, with an exception of his family and Tito the Mink (or previously Tails). He is a bit of a social outcast, however he does not mind being this way. He can be quick to judge others, and has never proved to do well socially. Paws can have a bit of a sarcastic attitude at times, and appears to have an odd sense of humour. Usually, though, none of the other characters get his jokes, or are completely oblivious to them.

Special Abilities

Along with having paws for hands, Paws is also stronger than others, however not quite as strong as Kniro. He also has a special attack called the echo howl; Paws can emit a loud howling sound (similar to Thrash the Devil). Paws also has an ability to use an auro-like ability while fighting which makes his attacks stronger. While using it the blue highlights in his fur glow. (Credit goes to Dash the Turtle for coming up with this idea).


Basic Stats (1 is weak, 10 is strong. Total can't be greater than 40.)

Agility BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 5
Speed BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 4
Strength BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 8
Defence BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 4
Evasiveness BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 6
Dexterity BPStarBPStar 2
Intelligence BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 6
Skill BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 5
Total BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 40





  • Jenny the Amur Leopard
  • Kniro the Amur Leopard
  • Strider the Lynx
  • Dr. Lee Thompson
  • Mwah the Raven
  • Moussy the Mastiff
  • Spike the Porcupine
  • Alicia the Lynx

Past Relationships

In the past, Paws has had multiple relationships with other characters, such as the canon Sonic characters, most notably Knuckles and Tails. Any relationships with Paws and my own characters may have changed since.

IMG 3605

Paws and Knuckles have always shared a rivalry between each other.

Although Paws is affiliated with Duke the Dhole and Fangs the Coyote, he does not seem to talk to them much or have any sort of interaction with them. They do not dislike each other, however. Paws does not seem to have any real friends; the closest friend he probably ever had was Tails by the end of Lippies V.3.

In Lippies V.1 however, Paws seemed to interact with Knuckles the most out of all the characters, despite their sort of rivalry.

Knuckles the Echidna

Lippies V.1

In Lippies V.1, Paws and Knuckles were friends, although they did argue a bit and Paws often found Knuckles irritating (although, he kinda was in that story...). At one part, Paws finds Knuckles burried under snow, thinking he is dead. Paws is very worried trying to uncover him, but when Knuckles wakes up Paws is like "oh."

Lippies V.2

In Lippies V.2, Paws and Knuckles dislike each other. Knuckles dislikes Paws since he beat him up, and Paws dislikes Knuckles for not believing his lies. Later on when Paws betrays Julie-Su, they would have gotten along however Paws is scared off (because Knuckles was sort of mutated or something) and shortly after his killed. While he is dying, he tells Knuckles what Julie-Su had done to him.

Lippies V.3

Paws hates Knuckles in Lippies V.3, mainly because if it wasn't for Knuckles, all of the bad stuff that happened wouldn't have happened, such as his parents dying. Now he's trapped by Julie-Su, and fears of her killing him if he tried to escape. Therefore, Paws has a hatred for both Knuckles and Julie-Su. However, Paws tells Knuckles what is happening right before his death.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Lippies V.1

Paws and Tails are allies, although they do not talk to each other much.

Lippies V.2

In Lippies V.2, Paws leads Tails to believe that he is someone Tails can trust. Therefore Tails becomes "good" friends with Paws until later Paws betrays Tails. However, over the time they had spent together, Paws grows somewhat attached to Tails, and he later frees him from the cell in Julie-Su's dungeon.

Lippies V.3

Similar to Lippies V.3, Paws acts nice to Tails. However their friendship doesn't last as long, as towards the end of their first day Paws gets fed-up with Tails's constant babbling about Knuckles and screams at him to shut-up. Later, Paws enjoys tormenting Tails with lies. Tails has a hatred for Paws, until Paws suddenly frees Tails from the cell in Julie-Su's dungeon. Later on Paws rescues Tails again, and they are together for a while until Julie-Su captures Tails once again and kills Paws.


Lippies V.1

Paws did not know Julie-Su in Lippies V.1, until later, where Julie-Su leads him to believe Knuckles is an evil demon that must be killed...(yeah...) and so Paws betrays Knuckles at that point. And he also guards the...the power...uh never mind it's really dumb and right where the version ended.

Lippies V.2

In Lippies V.2, Paws was a spy for Julie-Su. Later he realises what she is doing is evil and betrays her, later getting himself killed.

Lippies V.3

Lippies V.3 is pretty much the same as V.2, however Paws does not want to be part of her schemes. He hates Julie-Su a lot. He eventually betrays her, but more because of Tails and less Knuckles (since he is still angry at Knuckles as well.) Later Julie-Su kills Paws when he attempts to stop her from taking Tails.

Spark the Dragon

Before Lippies, Paws knew Spark the Dragon. They didn't talk much but Paws had a grudge against Spark for no reason. Spark tried to be friends with him but Paws was being to much of a snort.


Lippies V.1

"Maybe not! Look!" - Lippies V.1, when he spots something I guess while he was walking around outside with Knuckles.

"Can we go now?!" - Lippies V.1, after Knuckles has a ranting fit.

"What's with this rock?" - Lippies V.1, when he climbs out of Owen's aircraft thing after crashing and spots a stone used as a tomb just outside of the door. It was placed there by Knuckles because he thought everyone was dead.

Lippies V.2

"Got anymore psychotic friends, Tails? Now I see why Sonic wants to kill him!" - Lippies V.2, after Tails tries to introduce Paws to Knuckles but Knuckles tries attacking Paws.

"Oh, I know what happened! Sorry, that was my twin brother, Claws. He works for Sonic. It's annoying though, because he goes around saying he's Paws." - Lippies V.2, when Paws lies to Knuckles about how Knuckles got beat-up the other night.

"Yeah! It's not like Sonic wants to kill us!" - Lippies V.2, Paws trying to comfort Tails, in a bit of a jerky way.

"Why not come with me, then? You can meet a couple of my other friends!" - Lippies V.2, when Paws tries coaxing Tails to come with him.

"One of my friends you're sure to meet!" - Lippies V.2, when Tails asks who helped him.

"It's too late now!" - Lippies V.2, when Tails says "I should have trusted Knuckles" when he meets Julie-Su.

"Run! Julie-Su isn't here!" - Lippies V.2, when Paws frees Tails from the cell in Julie-Su's dungeon.

"You're a psychopath! Everything you do is wrong! I don't want to work for you anymore!" - Lippies V.2, when Paws finally gets fed-up with Julie-Su.

"I don't know! Get away from me! Ew! It could be contagious!" - Lippies V.2, when he sees Knuckles after he got mutated. (He's not actually that bad though...)

"Radia- you did that to him? Oh my God!!!" - Lippies V.2, when Julie-Su tells Paws what she did to Knuckles.

"Julie-Su...zapped me...and...gave you...radiation..." - Lippies V.2, while he's dying.

Lippies V.3

"Ugh! You got anymore psychotic friends, Tails?! Now I see why Jjjj...Sonic wants to kill him!" - Lippies V.3, after Tails tries introducing Paws to Knuckles and Knuckles tries to attack him.

"Here! Merry Christmas!" - Lippies V.3, when he gives a random Mobian his cotton candy because he got sick of listening to Tails ramble.

"Okay Tails, let's go on that roller coaster now!" - Lippies V.3, when he gets sick of listening to Tails ramble.

"To be perfectly honest, Tails, the earliest memory I have is waking up as a child and not knowing what had happened. I was lucky enough to find my parents, and I ended up with the nickname 'Paws'." - Lippies V.3, Paws explaining some of his backstory to Tails.

"Claws? Oh, uh...we never ended up finding him until I saw him after my parents died but before I ran off...he has bigger claws than me..." - Lippies V.3, when Tails asks him what had happened to "Claws".

"Hey Tails, you know what you should learn to do? You should really learn to...SHUT-UP!!!" - Lippies V.3, when Paws finally gets very fed-up with Tails's rambling.

"Yeah, he is one. That's the only reason why he likes you, and wants to protect you." - Lippies V.3, when Paws is telling terrible lies to Tails.

"Run, Tails! Julie-Su isn't here right now!" - The V.3 rendition of the old quote from V.2 (see above).

"Oh, I thought I would take a little stroll out in the forest. Then somehow I stepped backwards onto a log. Beautiful day out, isn't, Julie?" - when Julie-Su asks Paws what he's doing trying to balance on a log in Lippies V.3.

"Oh, let's golly, I think it was!" - Paws answering sarcastically to Julie-Su in V.3.

"...Don't you mess with Claws the Wolf..." - Paws as "Claws" in Lippies V.3.

"Tails, are you alright with these chemicle-induced fries that never go bad? ...Tails?" - Paws asking Tails if he wants to eat fries he found in V.3. (while they were looking for food).

Lippies V.5

"Oh, it was probably my twin brother Claws..." - after Kniro asks Paws who else could have thrown the plywood.

"He doesn't seem very nice...why are you even friends with him?" - Paws asking Tito why he's friends with Kniro.

"THANKS FOR RUINING MY LIFE!" before Paws hits Kniro with a fire hydrant.

"Tito...I'm sure Kniro is fine...but he won't be soon if we don't do something now to stop it..." when Paws begins to act good instead.

"I know! I'll use my trusty frying a drying pan!" - while walking through the rain, Paws refers to Brock's weird quote from Pokemon.

"It's too late, Kniro! Don't go out there, it's a trap! You'll get killed!" - Paws warning Kniro about the forest.

Game Quotes

These are quotes Paws would have if he were to appear in a video game.

(While standing still) "Where are the other morons?" (if no one else is around), "Is anyone selling cotton candy around here?", "We're getting sick of standing here...", "I hope that annoying red leopard doesn't bother me again..."

1st/good score: "That'll show you!"

2nd: "Not too bad."

3rd: "Eh, could have done better."

4rth: "Really?"

Last: "Oh, COME ON!"


  • Paws's real name is "Billybob Beardsworth" in Lippies V.1. In Lippies V.2, Paws mentions having an actual name, but it is never said. By Lippies V.3, it is unknown whether Billybob Beardsworth is still his name.
    • The last name "Beardsworth" is actually from some kid at my school that I don't even know.
  • Paws was my third fan character, including Owen. Oinks is the second, sadly.
  • In Lippies V.1, Paws actually tried eating Kissy Lips Cereal. However he disliked the taste.
  • Paws, or more specifically, Claws makes a cameo appearance in the comic series Oh Bonzo! as he appears on the cover of Lippies V.3 Book 9 along with Clyde the Cat. However Knuckles's appearance is always covered by either someone's hand or something else.
  • Paws used to have dual personalities; his other personality was Claws the Wolf. However, this idea was scrapped in V.5.
  • Paws's design is based off a Northern Rocky Mountains wolf.

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