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Rex, also known as Rex Huntley and rarely Rex the Dog, is a fictional, anthropomorphic teenaged black and brown dog and the very first character created by TJ-Otter. (Nyro Fletcher).

Rex has appeared in a number of different stories in the past. His main one being the numerous "Rex picture books" created by TJ-Otter as a young child, which most did not have any words or make sense to begin with. Later some spin-off series were created, such as the Rex Mystery Series. Rex also appeared as different characters in different canons, such as The Doggie Diner (later refered to as "Drex the Dog" with an altered design to prevent confusion), the Sierra series, and even the old "Tuff" Luck series as a pet dog.

Although TJ-Otter uses Nyro the Leopard, Tito the Mink, Paws the Wolf and Theta the Otter as main characters, Rex is also accepted as one of the main mascots since he was the first character ever created by them. Furthermore, Rex still has not had his own official series since many years ago. However, his own series is predicted to rebooted sometime in the future, once current work in progress stories are finished.


Rex is a bit short-tempered and gets annoyed easily, usually by things that either creep him out or he starts seeing everywhere. He is a good friend and has been known to back his friends up in the past, for example when he gets angry at Taylor for beating up his friend Boxy in Rex and the Mystery Gate. Rex also loves adventure and solving mysteries. However, Rex worries a lot to the point of neuroticism, and dislikes trying new things. He has an irrational fear of jelly fish, and refuses to swim in the ocean. He has also shown to have a disliking in anything romantic.


Original canon

The original canon depicted Rex as a mostly anthropomorphic dog who normally carried a heart in his mouth. While originaly Rex was meant to be the villain and Little Grey the hero, this changed as showed in most original canon stories. These stories involved Rex facing multiple troubles, usually involving his sister Marbles or his rival Little Grey, dealing with his annoying babysitter Cuddles, or adventures with his friend Sleepy. Later on more characters were introduced, such as Boxy, one of Rex's friends from school.

Updated original canon

This was in a way a reboot to the original canon, as there was a bit of a gap most likely due to The Doggie Diner. This reboot began around 2006. It was quite similar to the original canon, and the books were made in the same way, however Rex was shown going to school more, and more characters were introduced, such as Rexanna, Taylor and Freckles. The stories were also more coherant and consistent compared to the originals, but were considered "lamer" by the creator themselves. Some of the stories in the updated original canon still contained the wacky nature of the original canon, while others were extremely cheesy.

Rex Mystery Series

The Rex mystery series began when the rebooted original canon began to fade out. The Rex mystery series started with a story named Rex and the Missing Collar, which was followed by Rex and the Mystery Key, Rex and the Mystery Gate and the unfinished Rex and the Noise in the Vent. All were novels. Oddly enough, all the titles after Rex and the Missing Collar depicted the characters wearing clothes, unlike before, and were notable for their grammatically incorrect titles. Rex's character was also heavily softened in compairason to the original canons.


Sierra was a separate canon about an anthropomorphic Husky and her best friend Sunny, a yellow lab. Sierra went to a highschool named the Grey Wolf, in which Rex attended at as a background character. He did not make much of an appearance, except for one comic where he got accidentally frozen by Sierra's cryokinesis she apparently had.

The Doggie Diner

Despite having the exact same appearance and name, Rex from The Doggie Diner was somewhat different as a character from the original Rex. He appeared to be older, and was originally a stray. Non of the other characters from the main Rex canon ever appeared. If anything, Rex from the Doggie Diner was an alternate universe counterpart to the real Rex. However he is now known as Drex the Dog.

"Tuff" Luck

Rex appeared in "Tuff" Luck II as a regular pet dog with an idiot owner. He met Owen in front of a pet store. Apparently he had a brother who passed-away, a character not canon to Rex. Rex never later appeared in the series. This Rex is probably the most different from all of them as he is shown as a pet dog.

Five Nights at Worst Chicken

Five Nights at Worst Chicken is a Five Nights at Freddy's fangame created by TJ-Otter in early 2015. The game takes place in an alternate universe, very similar to ours, where an old restaurant used to exist named "Worst Chicken". The restaurant has many old animatronic characters based off Rex and his friends. This is the most recent appearance of Rex, however is not considered to be official.

Five Nights at Worst Chicken: Remastered

A remastered version of Five Nights at Worst Chicken is expected to be released some time in 2016. The game will be heavily revamped, with totally new models, better story and some different animatronics. At the moment, Rex's role in the remastered version will most likely be similar to the first version of the game.

Worst Chicken

Worst Chicken is the new official name for Rex's series. The name itself is based off a strange dream the creator had, which was actually turned into a story in the updated original canon. The name was decided for the new series because of the fangame, Five Nights at Worst Chicken. In the future, the series will become a comic, mainly based off the original canon.


  • He was the first character made by his creator.
  • Some of Rex's old stories are based off true stories.
  • Rex's personality was slightly based off his creator's.
  • Rex was originally a villain, with Little Grey being the hero.
  • Rex was based off his creator's first named stuffed animal
  • Rex used to have a stuffed heart, since he was based off a Valentine's plush.
  • Depictions of Rex being younger show him with his left ear sticking up.
  • Rex originally had a deep, scratchy voice. This is probably due to the fact that he was originally a villain.

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