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"I just hope he's not after my scooter! I will not let someone take my scooter again this time!"

- Skylon the Unlucky Fox, Taters/Season 1 Episode 10

Skylon the Unlucky Fox is a fictional, anthropomorphic red fox and one of the main reoccurring characters of the Taters cartoon series. Despite Ryder the Weasel being portrayed in the show as the leader, Skylon acts like more of a main character to the show than Ryder, normally having an important role in each episode. Despite his constant bad luck, Skylon is always determined to accomplish a task or goal, even if it seems impossible to him. This includes his determination to beat Ryder in a scooter race.


Skylon is determined to reach his goals, no matter how impossible they may seem to reach due to his terrible luck. He will not put up with the drama of another, such as when Ryder has a fit when he is beaten in a race somehow. He also gets fed-up if he feels like his friends are not treating him very nice. Skylon is normally the one put in the middle of many situations. Skylon is also very over-protective of his belongings, especially his scooter. He is also frightened quite easily.


Not a lot is known about Skylon's history, except for Taters/Season 1 Episode 11 when Ryder, Skylon and Raiko shared their story of how they met. According to Skylon's part of the story, his family did not have the money too afford a scooter at the time. On top of that, much like Ryder's parents, Skylon's parents thought he was too young for a scooter. Therefore Skylon built his own scooter with pieces of junk he found in a junkyard. Unfortunately due to Skylon's notorious bad luck, his scooter was broken by the strange meteorite that had been flying around the area. After they all met, the three decided to use bicycles until they were later able to use kick scooters instead.

Although Skylon's family has not yet been seen in any of the episodes so far (only his mom is heard in episode 11), the idea is that his family is actually a family of snails that had somehow adopted Skylon. In an old scrapped comic, Taters - After the Meal, Skylon's sister is shown before Skylon leaves to go find his scooter which had again been lost. It is unknown as to why Skylon was an orphan, and who his real family members are (or were).

Special Abilities

Skylon does not have any out-of-the-ordinary abilities or powers, other than the fact that he is fastest scooter racer in the series. Unfortunately, Skylon is never able to prove this as his bad luck always causes him to never get in first place. Because of this, everyone in the series is led to believe Ryder is the best scooter racer, with a few exceptions.


Basic Stats (1 is weak, 10 is strong. Total can't be greater than 40.)

Agility BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 5
Speed BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 9
Strength BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 6
Defence BPStarBPStar 2
Evasiveness BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 4
Dexterity BPStarBPStar 2
Intelligence BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 7
Skill BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 5
Total BPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStarBPStar 40


“I want my scooter back, now! I know you and that creepy platypus took it! We saw your tracks back by Taters Cafe!” - Skylon from episode 1 of Taters.

"Saint Paper Bags!" - Skylon when he's frustrated.

“Well, we might as well make the best of our time while we’re here. Look at all the stuff to do in this mansion! What a weird prison this is…” - Skylon from episode 3 of Taters.

“That shouldn’t be too hard! I mean, I’ve had so much practice all ready! And I WAS going to beat Ryder if Platypus’s clone hadn’t fallen on me!” - Skylon from episode 4.

“Ugh! I’ll beat you someday, Ryder! I just know it!” - Skylon at the end of episode 4.

“Hey, do you have this part? You see, this weird Cheetah from a far away Afro or something broke my Scooter last week.” - Skylon from episode 7.

“Annual Egg Drive? Since when did we have an egg drive? What the heck even is an ‘egg drive’?” - Skylon from episode 8.

“Why? Why always MY scooter! I was the only one not doing anything, either! What the heck!” - Skylon from episode 8.

“You nearly scared me to death, you…….snorts! Have you seen my scooter?” - Skylon talking to the Three Little Pigs after they scared him in episode 8.

“Okay you’re really starting to creep me out! Where’s my scooter?” - Skylon talking to Fox in episode 8.

“Ryder, if you continue doing this all day, you’re gonna lose your well-earned scooter racing skills! You won’t be the world’s greatest scooter racer anymore!” - Skylon convincing Ryder to stop text messaging in episode 9. (After he says this he rolls his eyes).

“Blue Jay, you know that the makers of these cellphones discriminate against blueberry plastic?” - Skylon convincing Blue Jay to stop text messaging in episode 9.

“You’re not getting your wings on my scooter, you creepy umbrella bird…” - While Skylon is guarding his scooter in episode 10.

“That stupid meteorite broke it!!! I’ll get even…” - Young Skylon after the meteorite broke his homemade scooter in episode 11.

“They’re gonna give me grapes and a new scooter! Why not?” - Skylon from episode 13.

"Oh please, quit being such a drama queen." - Skylon talking to Ryder in episode 13.

“It’s okay… and sorry for calling you a bad friend.” - Skylon accepting Ryder's apology in episode 13.

“Because I’m awesome.” - Skylon acting full of himself in episode 14.

“What? You can’t do that! They’re my friends! And I’m the emperor!” - Skylon yelling at the aliens because they were going to use his friends as test subjects in episode 14.

"What the heck is going on? Why is Platypus dressed-up like a girl?!" - Skylon talking to Collie in Taters: After the Meal (an old scrapped comic)



  • Skylon was the favourite character of my friend (the one who I made the episodes with), thus being the reason why he appears to be more of a main character than Ryder.
  • Skylon was originally the name of a fox in a completely unrelated story. This character was a fox with lighter fur colour. Originally the Taters Skylon had a darker orange fur colour, but was later changed to reflect the original Skylon.
  • In episode 11, Skylon's mom mentions how for dinner they will be eating escargot (snail). But Skylon's parents are snails.
  • Skylon was originally going to be named Fox, to match the theme of "everyone being named after their respective animals except the main character", along with Raiko being named Squirrel.
    • There is now another character named Fox, (which is short for "Foxie-Su", a parody of Julie-Su) who acts like a stalker to Skylon.
  • Skylon's last name, Knawlycks, is actually Skylon spelled backwards with altered spelling (and slightly different pronunciation).

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