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Slayde the Raccoon is a fictional, anthrompomorphic silver raccoon, and one of the main antagonists of the Theta the Otter series.



Slayde was once a co-pilot of Jett the Mink, Tito and Kaiyo's father. Jett and Slayde were also good friends, unfortunately, Slayde began to grow more jealous of Jett. He was always the leader, especially since Slayde was stuck with being a co-pilot, and he had a proper family. Slayde on the other hand didn't get along much with his wife after their first kid and ended up divorcing. Things didn't turn for the worse until Theta's mom, Muriel-Marisol, ended up killing Slayde's son in an accident. Slayde then lost it and became determined to capture and kill Theta.

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