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Strider the Lynx [Author]

'Strider the Lynx is a fictional, anthropomorphic Eurasian lynx and one of the main antagonist of the Lippies series since Lippies V.5, replacing Sonic the Hedgehog from former versions. Being the leader of the Lippies Association, Strider possesses bright magenta "Lippies" like the rest of the members. He is determined to control masses and sell his products worldwide, however his main goal is to exterminate all leopards, especially Kniro the Amur Leopard. In both Lippies V.5 and Lippies V.6, Kniro and Tito are determined to end Strider's horrendous intentions.



Lippies V.5

In Lippies V.5, similar to former versions, Strider previously known Kniro and Tito before mysteriously going insane. Four years after his strange outburst, he finally returned with a new image - Lippies. Later on, it is found out that Strider had been an android the entire time, and had been reprogrammed by Dr. Lee Thompson.

Lippies V.6

Unlike former versions of Lippies, Strider's encounter with Kniro and Tito at the store is their very first encounter. They had never known each other previously. Strider is also no longer an android. Further information on Strider's history is currently unknown at this point.


Strider very out-going, but also quite demanding and controlling. He often will ignore others unintentionally when obsessed with his plans and ideas. He does not care much for others and really only cares about himself, making him a bit of a narcissist.

Special Abilities

In Lippies V.5, Strider had the ability to jump unusually high and/or far. In V.6 however this ability was toned down. While Strider remains rather agile and a good jumper, his abilities are not abnormal. Strider also has a way with controlling others, possibly with his suspicious Lippies products.





  • Strider's character shares similarities with Spike's - in his debut he was originally a robot, in which the idea is scrapped in the following version.
  • Strider's character was originally based off Sonic the Hedgehog, due to being Sonic's replacement from older versions of Lippies.
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