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Theta the Otter is a 15-year-old anthropomorphic sea otter. Originally owned and created by a Wikia and deviantART user known as SigmaAlphaThree as a Sonic fan character, Theta is now the main protagonist of a comic series currently titled Theta the Otter (which is subject to change). This comic series is not related to any specific fandom.

Theta is usually known as a rather quiet, awkward and reserved individual. He doesn't like to engage much in conversation with others he does not know very well, or in large groups of people. Theta will help others if he sees they are in trouble, but he also tends to lie from time to time about his past and family to keep others from knowing. While Theta may seem boring or unsocial, he does want to make more friends and he can be a loyal friend and show more of a sense of humour around those he knows well. However due to many bad experiences, Theta grows less and less trusting about the people around him, and this is shown as the story progresses.

Concept and creation

Theta the mink first

Theta's first design on the Sonic Fan Character Wiki

It was at first believed that Theta's first concept was a Shadow recolour with a generic male name. While this may be true in theory, it is not the entire truth. Theta's creation remains somewhat of a mystery, though it's now thought that he was created as a sort of replacement.

His species being a mink at first was apparently inspired by Tito the Mink, who had just been adopted from the user Staticcat. Theta's old design was also inspired by a character known as Shep from Interstella 5555 and somehow Ulala from Space Channel 5.

For a period of time during the year of 2014, Theta was almost nearly forgotten by SA3. It was not until sometime around July 2014 that she finally decided to work on his character again. After a few months, the latest version of Theta created by her was finally made, and his species had been changed from a mink to a sea otter. It was not until April 2015 that he had been adopted by the user Nyro, and made into an original character rather than a Sonic fan character. Evidently, Theta's current design is mostly based off his latest design created by SA3, except with some style changes and many other modifications as time went on.


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In the most recent draft of Theta's comic, Theta is seen to have a twin sister named Thea in which both live at their dad's house. Unfortunately, Thea was killed, and after their father, Kasem, was framed for the incident, Theta was taken to foster care. Theta managed to escape and lived on his own in the streets for the next few years of his life. Yum.


(His comic, but I don't have a proper title for it yet so snort). After escaping the orphanage, Theta managed to live on his own for the next few years of his life. To avoid being caught, Theta would travel from place to place, at times staying in cities while other times in smaller towns. At the age of 15, Theta comes across a suburban area, where he meets characters such as Brock, Thompson and Pauline.


Original comic draft

"Like I would care... and that doesn't even make sense! Most of us don't wear clothes, we're animals ..." - Theta's response to Brock thinking that taking off his shirt will attract girls.

"The beach is the only place I can go to get out of this crapshack..." - after Theta's encounter with Brock in the first book.

"A who?!" - after Rodrick excuses himself for "pulling a Jack".

"WHAT THE HECK! That doesn't even look like me! It's some random oh girl!!!" - when Rodrick shows Theta the wanted poster.

"I don't even know! He was fine at first, but now he's randomly obsessed with kissing me! Like... um... yeah no? No... And it wouldn't matter who it was... I don't like being stalked, or... creepy romantic kind-of stuff... I'm not interested in dating random people I barely know!" - when Theta explains his situation with Rodrick to Pauline.

"Seriously?! Just because I'm a guy doesn't mean I'm her boyfriend!" - when Pauline's family mistakes Theta as her boyfriend.

"You know what I realized? You're the best friend I ever had ... and the only ..." - when Theta believes that Pauline is his best friend.

"Um ... yeah ... it's just of an exceedingly high temperature in this enclosed area ..." - when Pauline asks Theta if he's alright, and he's too nervous to admit his feelings.

"... What the heck even is a 'lippie'?!" - after Theta runs away from Mwah who pointed out that the logo of the restaurant The Floating Kiss looks like a knock-off brand of Lippies.

"OH GOD! IT'S RODRICK!!" - when Theta sees Rodrick "ghost riding the whip".

"It's like, in the past two weeks Pauline has been ... different ... It seems like things were better when we were just friends ...!" - Theta explaining his feelings about his relationship with Pauline to Patricia.

"... And learn how to spell properly!!" - After Theta throws his cellphone at the floor in annoyance of Pauline's creepy texts with terrible spelling.

"... Well, at least it wasn't another Rodrick dream ..." - after Theta wakes up from a bad dream at the high school.

"Oh, so that's where my guitar went, huh?! To you secret boyfriend you never told me about?!" - when Theta sees Pauline's other boyfriend Jacob with Theta's electric guitar.

"Ugh, I always thought all this 'dating' BS was dumb and pointless! What was I thinking... She... she conned me!! I was too naive! Of course she wasn't truly who I thought she was... This world is full of liars and phonies and selfish people... I can't trust anyone! THANKS FOR RUINING MY TRUST!" - Theta ranting to himself about Pauline.


  • Apparently, Theta's love for coffee is based off his original creator's love for coffee.
  • Theta had always Nyro's favourite of Sigma's fan characters.
  • While Theta is able to have a romantic relationship with someone of the opposite gender he knows well enough and has a close bond with, he is uninterested in intimate relationships. This therefore makes Theta a demi-heteroromantic asexual.
  • "Theta" is usually considered to be a female name.
  • Theta was actually meant to be an otter with his first redesign, but ended up being a mink. At the same time, SA3's character Upsilon the Mink was originally going to be an otter.
  • The cellphone Theta uses while living at Pauline's house has a case that says "I would never lie about a pretzel bagel" on it. This is a reference to an inside joke at his owner's school between a group of friends, where one of the girls bought the other this same phone case custom made.

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