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“Well... He's nicer once you know him just have to gain his trust, I guess... To be honest, Kniro used to be nicer... But for the past four years, he's been different... I'm not quite sure what happened...”

— Tito the Mink, Lippies V.5 GOD DANM ALL THESE QUOTES ARE OLD

Tito the Mink is a friendly fictional, anthropomorphic silver and brown mink, and the best friend and step brother of Nyro the Leopard. He is the second member of Nyro's team of friends, Nyro, Tito and Paws. He is highly intelligent and loves to solve any and all math problems. He regularly will carry a math book around with him so that when he gets bored, he has something to do. Tito also has a skateboard, with the "team" logo on the bottom, which he uses as he main method of travel.

Concept and creation

Tito was adopted from Staticcat at the end of 2013 but has gone under many changes including his design and character development. In Lippies V.5, Tito had the ability of aerokinesis, which he acquired from experiments Dr. Lee Thompson used him in as a kit. As his original design had, Tito wore green shoes with blue socks. These were later removed in Lippies V.6, however the general colour scheme of the shoes has been used in newer designs, most notably his current design.



Tito grew up in a loving and caring family household, with his parents Jett and Ivory, his sister Kaiyo and his step-brother and best friend, Nyro. Tito never faced much life-threatening conflict until about the age of 12, when Lippies Association was brought into the equation. Strider, leader of his L.A. team, was determine to eliminate Nyro as he thought he was "full of hatred", and to make Tito part of his team. Of course, Tito wanted nothing to do with L.A., especially after finding out that they, or more specifically, Dr. Lee Thompson, was the cause of Nyro's injuries as a cub.

Theta the Otter

By this time, Nyro and his friends, Tito and Paws, have already formed their team of three. Their main goal is fighting against L.A. and other weird and evil forces that try to interfere with their or their close ones' lives. Tito and Theta get along well, and Tito is especially fond of Theta's name, for math reasons.


Tito is a kind, innocent and loyal friend who is willing to help out anyone whenever possible. He is quite out-going and loves to have fun, even if that means solving hard math questions. He has a sort of "giving is more than receiving" outlook on things. However, Tito is also very naive, and not aware of the many dangers that lurk in the areas around him. Tito's personality has been mainly the same since Lippies V.5, however his character has became a little more independent since then.


Tito is highly intelligent, and excels in mathematics. In school he is a straight-A student. Tito is also a very loyal and kind friend, that would do anything to help someone out in need. He is also very out-going and nothing will bring him down. Though Tito may depend on others at times, he really strives to be as independent as he can. Tito does not easily give up on anything.


Tito's innocence and naivety can really affect him at times. As he often tries to see good in everyone, this can lead him to some very difficult situations. Tito also sometimes does not know when to keep his mouth shut, which can lead to too much information being spilled.


Lippies V.5

"It feels like a better day today... ...Even since Strider went insane..." - Tito at the beginning of Lippies V.5.

"Yeah...but why is no one else scared of him? Like that skunk... They're all acting like he's some kind of hero..." - Tito question the behaviour of the public towards Strider.

"Not like my parents what? ...How do you know about my parents?" - after Nyro starts to say something about Tito's parents.

"Guys! Stop fighting!" - Tito trying to break up the fight between Nyro and Paws.

"I was just going to say how this place was Clover Falls... And I didn't want to support the losers who ruined it!" - when Nyro gets angry at Tito for going to the Taters carnival.

"NO! Especially since you want to kill Kniro!!" - when Strider wants Tito to be on his side.

"PUT ME DOWN! I would rather DROWN than go with you! I HATE YOU!!!" - after Paws pushes Nyro down the waterfall and grabs Tito's crate out of the river.

"No, it is Kniro! You've betrayed me before and I won't let you do it again!" - when Paws tells Tito that the Amur leopard they see isn't Nyro and that they should make a run for it.

"Kniro, you can't be here! Go!" - when Nyro finds Tito at the creepy building.

"How did you know I had a sister? And her name?! Why didn't you ever tell me about this?!" - after Tito, Kaiyo and Nyro have escaped Jenny's Dungeon.

"What the heck is with this music?!" - when waking up to the song Royals by Lorde at the hospital.

"Wait...there are bandages on everything! Even this remote..." - when Tito notices all the bandages everywhere, a reference to the upcoming TV series and video game, Sonic Boom.

"Yeah...I wonder why we keep ending up back there...and why Strider went insane!" - after Tito, Nyro and Kaiyo escape the creepy town in which the hospital resides in.

Lippies V.6

"Something about the name 'Dr. Lee Thompson' is unsettling..." - after Tito reads a flyer about Lippies.

"I don't get why all this stuff is happening to us... Like what did we do? And what are we supposed to do now?" - Tito confused about why everything bad is happening to him and Nyro.

"You just can't trust ANYONE! Why can't you give him a chance?!" - Tito defending Paws when Nyro is angry about Tito letting Paws into their house.


  • Tito was originally drawn as a Sonic fan character.
  • In Lippies V.5, Tito had the ability to use aerokinesis. This was meant to replace the flying ability that Miles "Tails" Prower had, as Tito was meant to replace him from older versions of Lippies.
  • Tito is left-handed.

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