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  • I live in Here.
  • I was born on June 11
  • My occupation is Student.
  • I am a little broken but still standing
  • KnucklesFangirl

    I am Queen

    September 5, 2014 by KnucklesFangirl

    I have ranked number 1 on the achievement scores.

    Bow down before your new ruler, you mewling quims!

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  • KnucklesFangirl

    So I had an interesting thought, where I had the llama song stuck in my head. I remember one of the lyrics was "taste of llama," so that made me think of a restaraunt called "Taste of Llama"

    Then for some stupid reason the thought popped into my head, "taste of River,"

    Then I imagined some random animal character just licking the back of her head.

    Then I thought of her as blue cotton candy.

    So in a nutshell...

    River is blue cotton candy

    Fryst is a plain snowcone,

    Rogue is a candy heart,

    and Brody is a churro.

    So, what junk food would you think your character would be?

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  • KnucklesFangirl

    Alright, so I put up a little question on Yahoo answers, and I've gotten two answers so far.

    So this was my question: This is nothing I'm really concerned by, but somewhere around the age of six, my family noticed that I have a singular strand of white hair among the rest of my brown hairs. Occasionally you can spot it, but generally you can only see the brown. Sometimes I've had this white hair fall out, and it grows back, and something else I've noticed about my white strand is that it has a weirdly different texture compared to all my other hairs. Like it would feel slightly thicker and more oily. 

    So is this just a weird lack of pigment? And if so, why only just one strand?

    And here was one of the answers: You see what happened is when yo…

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