Alright, so I put up a little question on Yahoo answers, and I've gotten two answers so far.

So this was my question: This is nothing I'm really concerned by, but somewhere around the age of six, my family noticed that I have a singular strand of white hair among the rest of my brown hairs. Occasionally you can spot it, but generally you can only see the brown. Sometimes I've had this white hair fall out, and it grows back, and something else I've noticed about my white strand is that it has a weirdly different texture compared to all my other hairs. Like it would feel slightly thicker and more oily. 

So is this just a weird lack of pigment? And if so, why only just one strand?

And here was one of the answers: You see what happened is when you were little you were playing with your sibling in the snow at your castle. Then you got blasted with a magical snowball and nearly died from a brain freeze. Your sibling screamed for your parents while you were nearly dead on the floor. Your dad looked through a book for a map to a secret place where there are a bunch of trolls and their troll leader. The leader could save your life BUT you would have no memory of it; your parents then decided it would be best if you all moved and sent your sibling to a far away scientific laboratory for further research before you awoke. THE END.... TRUE STORY

You never cease to amaze me, Yahoo Answers. Bravo.

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