Power is like no other, but it comes at quite a cost.

Too little, you’ll be stepped upon, too much and you’ll be lost.

Every race seeks power, but in their futile quest,

Someone on the lower end seems to be oppressed.

They’re tossed aside, forgotten, and left all on their own,

That, or cruel masters bark commands from their golden thrones.

If one falls short, the whip is cracked, marking the end of one.

The rest must do twice the work, before their time can come.

But invincibility is not the truth; all things must come to an end.

The oppressed rise up; but then guess what? The cycle starts again.

For “perfect beings,” we are corrupt. Our culprit quality? Greed.

Something this horrid, as soul ravaging-bad, undoes many a good deed.

But if we can stave off this primal urge, our pitiful world could be saved.

Otherwise, if we show no control, the world as we know it will cave.

But how, you ask, is there a way to stop our awful routines?

The answer’s been in front of us, and not behind the scenes.

We must be kind to each other in ways that should come naturally.

Unfortunately, it does not, in most sense of actuality.

In our peers, we must impart this sense of morality.

As the opposite leads to greed causing fatality.


more soon,

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