Da boo

the official teaser poster

as you may know, i'm making an anime coming out in 2016 about Hariakima Buchmesse. Of course, i can't start work on it until i finish book 4, but i will need some voice actors. if i get no takers on one character, i will voice act for them.


  1. Submit your voice acting through the internet (soundcloud okay, but preferably youtube)
  2. Post a link to it in the comments of this blog
  3. please quote from the comic (if the character has a page, quote from the quotes)
  4. This closes September 1st

I will decide within a week of closing this.


here are the characters that i will need voice acting for and who will be trying out.

  • Hariakima Buchmesse
  • Water the Cat
  • Fire the Cat
  • the Bored Carapace
  • (Possibly) Jimmybob the Carapace
  • (Possibly) Peter Panther
  • (possibly) Mr. Moo

Ask if you want a character of yours to have a cameo appearance. it might happen. (if you do, please voice act for the character)




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