It’s been a hard day, with homework and such.

I pick up my pencil, pen, and old dirty whiteboard.

I pick up my binder and upstairs I rush

With want of a story we could all love so much.

At least for the moment, everything’s blurry.

And as I sit down, like snow, ideas flurry.

Fierce as a storm, I put pencil to paper,

Knowing all involved would thank me much later.

I can still hear that inspiring song

“You can do it!” it says, urging me on.

Sweet candy in my mouth, knowing things just got real,

I prepare for fulfilling my personal deal.

I scribble a box, with a scratch and a scritch.

Adding the insides would now be a cinch.

Then in goes a circle, the base for a head.

Now, quickly the body; now I think I’m ahead!

Last is the speech bubble, also in pen,

So something sarcastic gets added again.

I find my mistake, and that’s what I get.

I shade in the backdrop for a final effect.

I examine my work; just look what I’ve done.

It’s a great masterpiece, but that’s just panel one.

But I’ve got about five more pages until it’s all over

And my end-of-year deadline looms ever closer…

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