in science we had to do an experiment where we made a boat and a submarine to test the properties of buoyancy and water displacement. We got to name them.

so we named the boat GerIta and the submarine Tavris. then there were questions that were as follows, with the answers i wanted to put.

1.) Why did the boat [GerIta] float?

The boat floated because this otp physically cannot sunk. however heavy this ship is, the upward force of their love will keep them afloat on the vast ocean of life. unless country relation ships work differently... NOPE. IT'S ALWAY THE SAME, JUST LIKE HOW I'M ALWAYS THE HERO. AHAHA!!!

(Gerita is love, GerIta is life.)


2.) Why did the submarine [Tavris] sink?

The submarine sank because Tavris is such a horrible ship that it sank. all the way to the bottom on the jar. it hardly even filled the bucket because that's how bad it is. Tavris doesn't even deserve the proper ship name i'm giving it. TAVRIS IS JUST A BUNCH OF BAKAS IN AN UTTERLY UNDESERVING SPRITE MASHUP.


(husska is better, btw. what better lover than your creator? oh god that does not sound right.

what better lover than the one who knows you best? **pumps fist in the air because she finally got it right**)