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    December 21, 2014 by Triple-One

    Video Game Poll winner is GTA V. Good thing too, I just got DLC yesterday. Spider-Man 3 will be second, and I'll choose the other place for the other games.

    Internet Game Poll winner is just random flash games. Second place are the other two games, last place is my favorite favorite game.

    I'll do all these games, but in order from greatest to least in votes. Video games and Internet games are both separate.

    The first video for GTA V will be uploaded tomorrow or the day after, and the random flash games video will be uploaded a day after the GTA V video.


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  • Triple-One

    i want candy (random)

    December 16, 2014 by Triple-One

    anybody that sour spray candy that were in those breath spray cans

    i used to spray a lot in the cap and drink it

    my tounge got numb

    i wonder if they still make those, i miss them

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  • Triple-One

    Character 1: EEL

    December 15, 2014 by Triple-One

    Eel is an original character I made for a series called "Death Itself". I have no idea what Death Itself is going to be, but I'll decide soon. Soon...

    Eel was originally a scientist named Ryan Davis. He built a robot army to clean up the earth from bad guys. But they all malfunctioned and started to kill innocent people. This has been happening for about 6-7 years. Trying to make it right, he built another robot that would be more superior than all the other robots. But while building him, a spark of light from the robot blew away Ryan and he smashed into a case of chemicals. Hours later, he wakes up with armory on his back and electrical gauntlets, along with a mask that can help him breathe. He sees that the robot is gone, and starts to t…

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  • Triple-One

    I have a dream to become a comic book illustrator, or a video game creator. I have a lot of ideas for comics but a lot of ideas for video games. Maybe I could do both, I mean, John Tobias is. Or was, or something.

    That's it.

    k thx bai

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  • Triple-One

    i have a problem

    September 11, 2014 by Triple-One

    My chat has a problem.

    It's being very slow, it's not showing any AFK's, I don't think I can even see anyone saying anything.

    I've tried refreshing, and then I tried restarting my computer. I don't know what it is, maybe people are just being slow, but I really don't think it's that. I think my chat has a problem, and I don't know how, and it started last night, kind of.


    You're never gonna get rid of me, I'm sorry (talk) 23:03, September 11, 2014 (UTC)

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