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Eel in his full cybernetic form (left) and Eel in his original state (right).

Eel is an original character I made for a series called "Death Itself". I have no idea what Death Itself is going to be, but I'll decide soon. Soon...


Eel was originally a scientist named Ryan Davis. He built a robot army to clean up the earth from bad guys. But they all malfunctioned and started to kill innocent people. This has been happening for about 6-7 years. Trying to make it right, he built another robot that would be more superior than all the other robots. But while building him, a spark of light from the robot blew away Ryan and he smashed into a case of chemicals. Hours later, he wakes up with armory on his back and electrical gauntlets, along with a mask that can help him breathe. He sees that the robot is gone, and starts to think that the robot did this to him. Walking out of his laboratory, he is confronted by two of his killer robots. Testing what he can do with the armory, he wins a battle against the robots. He wanders the world trying to find his robot, but also encounters other things interesting.


Instead of him finding his robot, his robot finds him and tries to rescue him. His robot, Hydro-01, tells him where he was originally going. Ryan said he wanted to go with him, but Hydro didn't want him too. Ryan actually convinced him, and so he brings him along the journey. More is told and explained in Hydro's page (not yet made)


This is all I have so far, and I will continue. If I have time, that is.