School just started for me, and I came TOTALLY unprepared. I didn't bring a backpack, didn't even bring a pencil, all I brought was myself.

Going through the doors, i was like "I hope this won't be difficult"

I'm in the first period. I LOVE THAT TEACHER, she so nice. She would hear someone swear, and would just stare at the person while smiling, but all she said was "Don't like that language in here, now." She also makes these jokes and said she jokes a lot. But wait, if she said she jokes a lot, doesn't that mean she was joking??? jk.

Second period, I was in a computer room with the same teacher I had since 6th grade. Was I a bit happy? Kind of. She was always in the computer room. Anyways, I had her two times, but the forst we had to go to the assembly. It was the vice principal saying "We have access to your internet accounts, your facebook, your snapchat" blah blah blah. btw, I like that principal, so I ain't mad. Worried about the access thing? Well, kind of.

Next period, I was in ART. It was the same art teacher I had, so I was like "oh, ok" but her named changed because she got married. Anyways, this was my chance to actually get a good grade in art, because, FUN FACT - I failed art two times in 6th grade. So I just had to do what I didn't do... turn in projects.

Next period, the same computer teacher, we just practiced typing. Well, that's it, so MOVING ON

Last period, the teacher was really nice. It was the first day, so we didn't really get work. Anyways, we did a game where we decide what is better than the other. Batman or Superman, there was only one person on Superman's side. lol. Anyways, after that, we just, like, went home.

Do I think this year would go well? Yes, I do. Because of the nice teachers and knowing what will happen in one class, I think it would go well.


k thx bai