• Yes dis is ho merly


    September 24, 2015 by Yes dis is ho merly

    redesignin' some characters

    more 2 come

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  • Yes dis is ho merly


    September 23, 2015 by Yes dis is ho merly

    back after 23 dayz

    anyways, I saw something interesting, and it was the unreleased version of the Steven Universe Season 2 intro

    I'm not a real big fan of the show, but I know you guys are, so I'll show you this

    now, it was changed because of the end of the intro. It showed something a bit disturbing, so they had to change it. Someone got a hold of it and uploaded it. Here's the vid

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  • Yes dis is ho merly

    teacher's in Pasco are on strike, and because of this, the first day of high school doesn't start for me until Wednesday

    but if the strike is still going on, I might go on Thursday

    what's weird is that my dad said that the last time the teacher's did a strike was when he was first going to high school

    pretty stange, eh? (doctah straynj, ah dew strynj theengz)

    also, I got a haircut

    I don't like it that much because combined with my glasses, it makes me look like a hipster

    not saying there's any problem with that

    i guess

    also, the barber needed help because he didn't know how to style asian hair or something

    and i laughed when he said that

    ANYWAYS, how do you think i should spend my last day of summah?

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  • Yes dis is ho merly

    i mean

    am I welcome here?

    Well, I know it doesn't really matter since this wiki's kinda dead, but

    I was just wondering

    if yes, kewl

    if no, kewl

    either way, I'm still leaving this here

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  • Yes dis is ho merly

    'can ya bring back mah boi Robbie he ain't dun nuthin' wrawng his namez BrianZman he just caym 2 chat a lotta months ago and just got blocked mayB cuz peops stil thought it was me when I was usin' et to get back hea but his accnt ain't on mah computah n-e-moar it was mah fault he gawt blocked bring em' back'

    But, y'know, you don't have to, he probably doesn't go on Wikia anymore anyways. Well, If I would tell him to, he probably would.

    k thx bai

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