This is a summarized version of the CFGHW chat rules.

The full version can be read here.

If an admin wants to revise or add something to this blog, then please do.

1. DO NOT talk about, display an image of, or link to anything sexual or inappropriate.
That includes fetishes (like, keep it to yourself dude).
2a. DO NOT force people to do stuff or talk about topics, especially about topics stated above and below this rule. This applies especially to serious forced ships. (the Zapor kind of stuff)
2b. You can ask in main chat if they want to do something or talk about something, e.g. "Do you want to *" and "Do you know about *" but if they say no, then don't force them.
2c. If they do, then start a group PM. Main chat is called the main chat for a reason.
3. DO NOT reveal spoilers, except if it's a link to a video then you may spoil things a bit as a warning.
4. DO NOT roleplay in main chat, because it's forcing people to roleplay if they don't want to. See also rule 2.
5. DO NOT link to serious jumpscares e.g. things related to phobia, gory pics.
6. DO NOT be inconsiderate of someones hardships. e.g. if someone vents, don't be an asshole.
7. DO NOT mini-mod.
8. Spamming may cause lag for some users, so if a user reports lag, respect that and keep spam to a minimum. This applies also to image spam.

If you still TL;DR'd that or think that some rules are a bit too restricting, inconsiderate or selfish then let me just put it this way:


Basically, just respect the users in this wiki and you should be okay.