TheWildHyper Watermark This character is owned by HyporionForDays.

“Hey! Maybe if I kill people, people will like me!”



X is a bobcat that dyed his hair in order to hide himself. He is a very secretive person and only shares his secrets to Daegon which is his "right hand man" so to speak.


X was said to be born on August 6 and lived a normal life, but this is just a rumor. Not a lot about X is known besides the fact they were once called "Porsche". It is also said that X killed his parents, but that's also a rumor so to speak.


X would be the craziest person you've ever met times 10. He doesn't have any fucks to give for anything or anyone and does what he wants. He has a somewhat chaotic manner and kills people. Mostly humans for the hatred he has for them though.

X is also very feminine. He sometimes wears makeup and he paints his nails black so he can hid blood on it. He always wants a boyfriend no matter what and constantly flirts with random people.

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